Sunday, September 12, 2010

Too Long!

Once again I have neglected my blog. And I'm starting to feel like something is missing! Its not quite to the level of withdrawal that I feel when I don't practice for a few days, but I'm definitely feeling a bit of longing for the sweet sound of my Macbook keys a-typing! Well, with my days being almost entirely jam-packed with practicing flute and working at the MN State Fair the last two weeks and then the excitement and craziness of getting moved into my apartment in Cincinnati I have quite literally not had the time (definitely not had the mindset) to sit down and blog about all that has happened.
So first order of business: the fair.
What I learned from the great MN get-together:
1. Swastika tattoos. They exist. Even after my triple-take. It was still there, clear as day on the man's back. WTF?
2. After 36 chick flicks, bad action flicks, and failed Adam Sandler flicks, one's brain will inevitably turn to mush. You know how your stomach feels after eating too many Sweet Martha's Cookies? That's how my brain felt.
3. No matter what shoes I wear, when there is moisture (extreme humidity, downpour with a dash of hail, and off-and-on drizzle) my feet will inevitably get blisters. Flip flops? between the toes. Keds? side of my feet. Hot lesbian boots? back of my heel.
4. Men grow exponentially more interested in young women's fashion after they hit age 55. I don't know if it's because that's when they start to retire and don't have anything else to think about, but after dealing with these guys spending all their time thinking of 'hilarious' comments to make about my outfits, glasses, and/or shoes instead of doing their jobs...I'm about done with them.
5. Cops are hilarious! Maybe it was just the three that I worked with, but our main conversation topics were my handwriting, whose cousin shot whose neighbor in the hood, and which co-worker was annoying us most at that point in time.
6. People in MN have terrible fashion. There were the middle-aged mom-jean wearers, the people who were wearing the same clothes that they bought probably ten years ago, and at best the Abercrombie spokespeople. Faux-pas everywhere!
As the apartment is still in a state of un-packing, I'm not going to post pictures just yet, but as soon as the posters get put up and I get the last bags emptied out of my room you'll be able to feast your eyes on the much-anticipated Girl Cave.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hold on, I'm Coming...

Today will be my last day working at the MN State Fair. I am ready to be done. Granted, I can't really complain about getting paid to sit in an air conditioned booth and answer phones every half hour while watching movies and doing as many sudoku puzzles as I can get my hands on...but seriously, it's getting old. Dealing with s...l...o...w old men, dealing with their nonstop comments about my outfits, my shoes, my glasses, the speed at which I walk, the cop that goes with's not exactly fun fun fun at the fair! Anyway, in homage to The Blues Brothers, my personal favorite movie (maybe of all time, but Stardust is definitely a close second!) that we watched over the last twelve days my title is from a classic Sam & Dave song that will be on my travel-to-Cincinnati playlist. Sorry for the short and erratic post, but something more thorough and definitely more exciting will be following soon!
I move in to my apartment in four days...actually it'll be almost exactly four days from right now; we should get in around the dinner hour! So excited!