Monday, September 6, 2010

Hold on, I'm Coming...

Today will be my last day working at the MN State Fair. I am ready to be done. Granted, I can't really complain about getting paid to sit in an air conditioned booth and answer phones every half hour while watching movies and doing as many sudoku puzzles as I can get my hands on...but seriously, it's getting old. Dealing with s...l...o...w old men, dealing with their nonstop comments about my outfits, my shoes, my glasses, the speed at which I walk, the cop that goes with's not exactly fun fun fun at the fair! Anyway, in homage to The Blues Brothers, my personal favorite movie (maybe of all time, but Stardust is definitely a close second!) that we watched over the last twelve days my title is from a classic Sam & Dave song that will be on my travel-to-Cincinnati playlist. Sorry for the short and erratic post, but something more thorough and definitely more exciting will be following soon!
I move in to my apartment in four days...actually it'll be almost exactly four days from right now; we should get in around the dinner hour! So excited!

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