Thursday, July 15, 2010


We learned from The O.C. that Californians spend their summers on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Gossip Girl taught us that on the East coast, people spend their summers in the Hamptons. So what are the Midwesterners supposed to do to beat the heat of these scorching summer days? Friends, allow me to introduce you to The Lake. If this had been around four years ago my life in high school would have seemed so much more glamorous! Not that I have a fantastic summer home on a lake, but there is just something about modeling your life, wardrobe, speech patterns, and music tastes after a television show that gives the impression of glamour. (Who knows, now that Glee takes place in Ohio maybe we'll be the next hip place to be?)
So why all this sudden talk about the great northerners' haven? I'm headed up towards Canada myself this weekend with some girlfriends for a little R & R! Today I'm leaving you with some pictures of one of my favorite lake homes, the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth!

All photos from Google.

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