Friday, August 27, 2010

Classic Style Always Looks Good.

With the new trend towards vintage clothing, I've been thinking a lot lately abut what makes fashion timeless. What is it about some outfits that make them wearable fifty years after their creation? And where is my own personal niche in the grand style spectrum of time? Here's what I've been envying my whole life...

The 1960's: Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face: There's nothing more loveable than a classic Cinderella story, and when it's set against the backdrop of the fashionable Paris with a wardrobe designed by Givenchy...doesn't get any better than this!
I spent half my life planning to get married in a dress like this...

My favorite dress in the movie is this polka-dot number! It's playful enough to feel youthful, but the cut is purely elegant!

The mother of all little black dresses. Drool.

The 1970's: Mary Tyler Moore: what a classy lady! The hair, the dresses, the matching skirt suits...if only everyone in Minneapolis looked this good!

She looks so effortless yet so put together. All the time.

And what could be a more fitting accessory than Dick Van Dyke for arm candy? Jealous.

Knee-length full skirts are my favorites right now!

The 1980's: Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax: (disclaimer: I am well aware that the first dress and possibly the shirt are from the late '70s, but the Gunne Sax line was around in the 80s. ) This obsession began well before I even knew what I was doing. When I was really little (maybe first or second grade) I found my mom's Gunne Sax dress from high school and fell in love. The dress is so versatile! I was able to wear it multiple times a year especially in high school for dressup! I could be a pirate, a pioneer, a cowgirl (see below)...the possibilities were endless!

Me (on the left) at an orchestra concert where we played Copeland. Win.

I realize this isn't the best picture, but in sixth grade I discovered the Gunne Sax blouse that my aunt had worn in high school. The first time I wore it was to dress up like a victorian-era girl, but in high school I discovered that it was an awesome alternative to the white oxford shirts that everyone else was wearing to concerts. Here I am backstage at the Kennedy Center with the Mahler 4 flute section of the National Symphony Orchestra Summer Music Institute 2008! Apparently I was wearing vintage before it was cool...

Most recently (I know I talk about it a lot, but seriously, this dress is amazing!) I bought an 80's era Gunne Sax prom dress to wear for a recital at school. I like mine way better than this gem (found on Google, duh), though. Can't wait to wear it!!!

The 1990's: Clueless: Generally, the 90's were one of my least favorite decades as far as clothing goes. Lots of poorly-fitting jeans and baggy sweatshirts...all I can think of are the frumpy kids in jr high health textbooks...but one girl was somehow able to skirt those fashion don'ts:

The red party dress sent my heart all a-flutter the moment I saw it. Serious fashion envy!

A mono-chromatic outfit with a touch of glitter in the shoes? Yes, please!

And who could forget this little white number? It's Calvin Klein!

The 2000's: The Housewives: Nicole Kidman and the Ladies of Wisteria Lane have proven that you can still be hot even if your main activities are cleaning the house and carting the kids around. It gives me hope that even after I loose my youthful charm and glow I can still be hot (that and the fact that my mother has lately taken to wearing Oscar De La Renta sundresses and looking better than I do half the time)!

This picture is flawless.

Loving Brie's dress, but then again she's always been my favorite!

Now all I have to do is find an aerobics class where I can dress like this!

Today: Lucy Laucht: Since joining the blogging community, I have a lot of new sources of inspiration. My absolute favorite fashion blogger is Lucy Laucht. I love her outfits because they are all in neutral but still aesthetically pleasing color schemes, they fit flawlessly, they are all super fashion-forward, and (the best part is) she gets a lot of her pieces at flea markets! What a cool girl!

These floral shorts are actually part of a romper...leave it to Lucy to prove that rompers aren't all bad!

I LOVE the gold shimmer on this top! I can't wait to find a similar one for myself!

My favorite summer outfit color-scheme. Also I am in extreme fashion envy of every pair of shoes she owns!

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  1. Whoops! The Gunne Sax blouse was actually worn at a Mahler 1 concert! My bad!