Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here I Go Again...

Remember how excited I was last summer to be moving out of the dorms and into the pink house? I couldn't wait to find the perfect armchair and my excitement over a new coat of paint on an old table was hard to contain. It's been wonderful. The apartment is little short of the perfect 'Girl Cave' (one of the many nicknames we've used, including 'the pink house', 'the barbie mansion', etc.). For those of you who haven't seen the finished project, here are a few snapshots I took this fall:
piano corner/fire escape

my bedroom; can you tell who my biggest celebrity crush is?

A fully stocked kitchen!

As circumstances would have it, I'm moving again. Not until next fall of course, but I've decided to move into a large studio apartment just two blocks away (so I still get to see my girls as often as I want) from my current location. Now design possibilities are nearly infinite! I get to invest in a new loveseat, I think the time has finally come to actually re-upholster the dining room chairs, and since my brother is taking over my bedroom in Minnesota, it looks as though the leopard print rug and curtains are coming with me!

I can't wait to go shopping for funky silverware and dinnerware (I have my eyes on a few sets at Target already) and to explore more of!

Here are some of my more coveted items thus far:

(four photos above, credit:

(three poster images above: photo credit:

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