Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where Does It All Fit?

I think that in the last month, I've gotten more positive feedback about my blog than I did all last summer! It's so wonderful to know that I'm capable of some impact on others, even if it's just a moment of entertainment. I've been having a very hard time for the last few weeks keeping myself motivated. I've had a hard time keeping my room clean, getting my homework done the night before it's due, and even practicing! While I am pretty sure that writing this blog entry will only end in yet another few months of abandoned blog posts, I'm hoping that in publicly announcing my intent to continue writing for both my own sanity and (hopefully) your enjoyment I will be holding myself accountable for becoming a better Hannah.

So what can I say in today's post that will interest, shock, and astound you? Probably nothing. Although I'm going to try. School is hard. Trying to keep up with both the practicing and the school work of being a music major is a lot of work. And theory is not fun. But there have been a number of sunny spots in my life over the last few months. For example, last week I played my first recital at school. Yes it was a lot of work. Yes I got way more nervous than I had anticipated, and no it was not perfect. But I had fun, I got to wear a dress that in my opinion is enough to drool over, I got to work up a lot of music that most of my audience had never heard before, and I got to perform. And when push comes to shove, that's the whole reason why I'm here. I love being on stage. I love it when people hear me play, I love it when I get the opportunity to paint a picture with my music, and I love all the glitz and glamour of classical music. Here's a link to my youtube channel where I've posted the Sonatas by Lowell Liebermann and Walter Piston from my recital.

This is the best picture I could find of the dress. And of course my beautiful roommate Sarah.

More of my day-to-day thoughts and ramblings to come!


  1. yayyyy I'm glad your recital went well, I'll have to check out the videos... and I love the dress! I feel like staying motivated to blog is so hard especially when you have a gajillion other things that are higher on the priority list. I finally decided to start one when I was home over Christmas and I've been keeping up okay so far, but it's tough!!