Thursday, June 17, 2010

California Dreamin'

Today I will teach my first flute lesson of the summer! I'm really excited to get back into teaching; I had a student my last two years in high school, but the grad students in my studio seem to have dibs'd everyone near campus. I don't think that I'd want teaching to be my main career pursuit, but I know that at some point in my life I'll probably be doing it to pay the bills and right now it's still new enough to be fun. I've been so tired the past few days that I'm worried I won't be the most inspiring teacher today, though. It reminds me of high school when I felt like I didn't have a chance to have any free time because when I wasn't doing schoolwork I was practicing, and when I wasn't playing the flute I was at school (luckily most of my friends were overachieving jocks who were just as busy as I was). This is only the first week I've been back from school and already I feel like a jaded worker bee. I go nanny, I come home and take a quick nap, blog a little, check facebook, then I practice until bedtime (I swear I didn't need this much sleep last month!). On the bright side, being so busy leaves little time for boredom or missing the people I love at school!
I've finally convinced my mom to give in to the magic of Craigslist. Last night she was searching their STP listings and found a really solid wooden table and chairs set nearby. Granted, the blonde wood and classic American cut of the set doesn't exactly fit the 'Sex-and-the-City-Girl-Cave' vibe that R and I are going for, but with a coat of black glossy paint it could be really classy...and for $50 you can't really go wrong! So if I do decide to snatch it up (if it's still available) there will definitely be photos soon! Another fun idea I had is sort of a knock-off from a very quirky restaurant in downtown Cincy (if you've ever been to Hamburger Mary's, you'll understand where I'm headed with this...). A really scratched up/just plain gross table top can be covered in photos/magazine clippings/really anything flat, then a piece of plexiglass that's the same shape as the tabletop. Plus then it's easy to clean. Double whammy.
At this point, I'm hanging on to the knowledge that a week from Sunday I will be in Malibu, soaking up the sun with fellow flute players (don't even bother asking me about the flutist-flautist-fluter drama, I avoid all three to escape the controversy) at Dr. G's masterclass! I think this calls for a shopping trip to make my wardrobe a little more Cali-fabulous? Yes, please! Until then I will leave you with this:

A photo of the finished dining room and bedroom in my miniature house that I've been building with D!

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