Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hump Day

Being the working girl that I am now, I feel the pain of the work week. At school there are bright spots in my day like burgers for lunch every wednesday, and of course plenty of people who make me smile every time I see them! Today I finished the dining room and bedroom in the miniature craft house that D and I are working on. I intend to post pictures very very soon. That was my bright spot today. Ugh. Tomorrow will be better.
On a different note, I've started watching Pretty Little Liars on Hulu. One of the characters is named Hannah (spelled Hanna-incorrectly, might I add!), there is a dashingly handsome male, I like the music, and the girls wear cute clothes. I'm sold.
Women in Love is starting to pick up plot-wise and I'm hoping to finish it within a week.
Also last night I got rid of two more 'pregnant shirts' (you know, the ones that are supposed to hide your belly fat but still just make you look fat) last night to make my wardrobe more chic. I've decided I need a new crisp white oxford shirt.
Finally, I'm a little bit in love with this blog, Habitually Chic. If only I were a trendy, rich Manhattanite...

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