Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Articles of Clothing I can't live without.

These essentials are easy to find just about anywhere and can be worn in an almost infinite number of combinations! With a bright purse or scarf you can make an almost flawless outfit! 

1. Black flats. (Photo credit: Target) I wear mine almost every day with everything from concert black to jeans and a T shirt.

2. Dark-wash straight-leg jeans. (Photo credit: Express) I love the way Express jeans fit, and dark-wash straight-leg jeans are flattering on everyone! Not only are they super comfy, but they are also really easy to dress up or down.

3. White shorts. (Photo credit: Ralph Lauren) I live in white shorts in the summertime! I like mine a tiny bit big so that they make my legs look skinny in comparison. They can also be dressed up or down with an airy summer blouse or a cozy sweatshirt for nighttime. 

4. Black yoga pants. (Photo credit: Gap Body) Want to know a secret? I've worn mine onstage for a concert! They're definitely not the most formal option, but black pants match just about any top in your wardrobe. 

5. The white tee. (Photo credit: American Apparel) Personally, I love getting the six packs of men's v-necks at Target, but if I had the option to splurge, I'm sure American Apparel makes a really great option too. 

6. Neutral tanks. (Photo credit: Target) I wear one practically every day, even if it's just under a white tee shirt. They are also essential for wearing under little black cardigans (see no. 8). 

7. Juicy hoodie. (Photo credit: Juicy Couture) For those days that I really don't feel like dressing up, this looks infinitely better than a stretched out college hoodie I stole from my brother...

8. Black cardigan. (Photo credit: Gap) It's been a staple in my wardrobe since high school. Throwing a cardigan over a even a plain t shirt makes you look put together.

9. Floral sundress. (Photo credit: Forever 21) With flip-flops you can wear it to the beach. With a blazer and heels you can wear it to the opera.

10. Black blazer. (Photo credit: Ann Taylor) It makes any outfit look better. It can be worn with jeans and skinny jeans for a very cosmopolitan look, and can be super warm on a cool spring night. 


  1. Yoga pants and Juicy? Damn NYT Style, I will not give up the fight against casual fashions slow creep into the American look book. Stand up against sweatpants and uggs, girls! I know it kills you everyday to look at a good-looking man ruined by his t-shirt and basketball shorts, but to give into comfort only lets him win. As for blazers, it's a wonderful look but not for everyone. White t's and tanks are for your boyfriend and the gym. Shorts if you've got the legs, and then I'd say it's a safer bet with khaki. My top ten (no order):

    black cardigan
    black flats
    black skirt
    khaki slacks
    leather boots
    Respectable pumps
    3/4 jacket (your color, your look, doesn't matter, but what else can make a dull outfit more interesting?)
    Red lipstick

    Seriously girls, get every one of these! How am I ever going to even begin dressing you if you don't have the basics?

  2. Also, the Amer Aper tee is a helluva step up from Haynes, let me tell you. Get it in Organic cotton and you can even feel better about yourself than you did before. Homegrown, homemade, superb comfort and fit; it's worth every bit of the price, and it'll stay white for twice as long. Though if you want the cream of the mid-range ($10-$15) white tee crop, I'd recommend the Polo Ralph Lauren cotton classic. V-neck or crew, nothing beats the comfort and fit of this one. For lounging and sleeping only, mind you!