Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well That Was Easy!

In high school I was 'that girl' who tried on three outfits every day until I found something that was both comfortable and fashionable. Most of the time it was a pair of jeans, a bright top, and a cardigan. Go figure. Even today I have a really hard time some days trying to make sure that I will feel comfortable and confidant all day long.
And then one day about a week ago it dawned on me. I have come up with an equation for the perfect outfit every time without fail. Here we go:

Neutral outfit + one element of color = perfect color scheme.

Neutral colors (in this context, at least) include black, white (and variations thereof), grey, brown, khaki, and denim. In following this equation, I'd also stick to only one element in print so as not to overwhelm
At the same time, you have to make sure that the proportions are good, so that you're not wearing an all around skin-tight ensemble that makes you look like a stuffed sausage, or a big puffy mess that makes you look like a mildly confused bag lady. A good rule to follow is the rule of four.
In the rule of four, you must assign each article of clothing a number from one-three. A pair of really tight skinny jeans or leggings would be a one, a pair of nice-fitting straight leg jeans would be a two, and a pair of trouser jeans or an A-line skirt would be a three. Likewise, a tight tank or t-shirt is a one, a fitted sweater or polo is a two, and a big sweatshirt or blouse would be a three. By making sure your outfit always adds up to four, (tight pants and a flowy top, a little tank and a long full skirt) the proportions are perfect!
Ready for some examples?

Fendi on the runway!

I recently found a dress similar to this striped number at a thrift store in green. I will definitely be pairing it with black tights, ankle boots, and blazer!

I love this. Everything about it. The fit, the cut, the proportions, wow. I'd love a pair of boots like that to pair with my endless collection of black clothes! I could even wear them with a shorter skirt for orchestra concerts!

I'd love this outfit. Everything about it. Especially the shoes.

I'm not a big hat girl, but this outfit is close to flawless in my eyes! I love mixing neutrals for their textures! It is interesting without getting overwhelming. Not to mention how cozy this looks for a rainy day!

This jazz-age look is another one of my favorites because it evokes a time and place so different from out own, but all of the elements are totally wearable today!

All photos credit: The Sartorialist

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  1. Love those Fendi color schemes, though I think you're oversimplifying the morning selection process. All neutrals, everyday? Come on girl! Even with a splash of color, you can't repeat the same thing day in and day out. Yes, the black-grey-red look is always a sure go-to (black dress with red lipstick? DTP any night!), but it's not right for every day. Do a Rachel Roy and mix those patterns! You can't go over the top (I'm not advocating D&G's absolutely gaudy Spring menswear collection), but there's a lot more to be said about style than numbers. Fashion isn't science, its you, and that's art.