Sunday, March 27, 2011

You'd Be Surprised

First of all, I want to say that my vacation in Florida was awesome. Even if I did get uber sunburned the first day, and I'm kind of starting to peal...

Then I have to say that I bought a hat. For probably the first time in my life. It's part scary, part liberating. And it keeps the sun out of my eyes. So that's fun. It was shockingly useful in Florida, but I'm still a bit skeptical of it's versatility in Cincinnati. Perhaps it will come in handy on my beachy bike rides this summer in Minnesota. I suppose only time will tell. Here is evidence that I actually went through with it:
(With my super awesome brother and super sunburned legs)

Next I have to share this great blog that I have found multiple times through StumbleUpon;! It's a very down-to-earth blog about fashion, lifestyle, and also some more kitchy articles about 'the college experience'. While a few of the entries seem a bit 'Seventeen Magazine-like' for my taste, it's overall a pretty good read. There are many contributers from all over the country, so it's probably the most relatable blog I've found. 

Finally, I have to share my latest addiction: Evernote. Here's why; I currently have 11 tabs open on Google Chrome. I also have three word documents and three sticky notes pulled up. And all of these things have been open for at least three weeks. Because I like to save things for reference later on. Like a list of haunted houses in Cincinnati, and an article about Mary-Kate and Ashley's dog from their Olsen and Olsen detective agency days, and the Minnesota Orchestra's Sommerfest concert schedule. When I let people use my computer and they either close a tab or even more daringly *gasp* close a window, it feels a little bit like the world is going to end.
So it seems I have found a solution. Evernote keeps track of everything from word documents to websites to photo albums. AND you can access it from any mobile device or computer. So it's also an automatic back-up for your important documents. Bam. Your 'notes' are filed by title, date, and tags so they are super easy to find. 
Yup. You should probably get Evernote. 

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  1. ahhh I LOVE Evernote! I use it for all my research notes.