Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Calling the Fashion Police; I Need Help!

In sixth grade, my friend Anna from TC Fashionista made a list in her yearbook of people who needed a warning from the fashion police. Among the top contenders were a number of our now close friends. Of course this list was discovered a few years ago by someone who made it onto the list and now we can all laugh about it. Now there is something that I need help with that is not a laughing matter: what are the ladies to do in the cooler months now that Ugg boots have unofficially been 'given the boot'?
Among my failed Mall of America endeavors was a trip to DSW in an attempt to find a pair of somewhat fashionable boots that will both keep me warm and make it through the snow (in the event that we have another four snow days this year). Nothing. The only boot-like footwear I could find that didn't make me throw up a little in my mouth were heeled leather boots (some even complete with peep-toes). Fail. Everything else would have resulted in my winter ensembles looking like a horribly lost mountain-climber, an 80+ year old Lutheran church lady, or an overgrown kindergartner. Not happening.
So right now I think I'm going to have to settle. Unless I can find something magically in the time between now and September 9th when I'm not working at the fair, practicing, or sleeping, that is. I've got my old Target-brand FUggs and a pair of Ke$ha-inspired 'BAMF boots' (as my mother and I have taken to calling them) which will hopefully get me through. But just out of curiosity, have any of you found a solution to the winter footwear problem?

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  1. Hannah, don't worry, we're living in the golden age of boots, for women AND men! Check the combat-inspired cracked leather boots from J. Crew (, or, if you're looking for something warmer and more weather-proof, the classic but no-longer-ugly Sorel caribou pac boot ( Besides that, there are any number of cute ankle boots that may not be the most weather efficient but look amazing (if you can pull them off!). As for men, I know that I'm picking up a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers ( to get me through the Minnesota chill.