Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Top 10 Fall '10 Necessities

Schooltime is approaching (well for some of you more quickly than others...!!!), and I've been thinking about what I can't live without during the cooler months! So here goes...

10. Black nail polish! Ok for realsies I just wish I could be Taylor Momsen, but since I don't see that happening any time soon I will be copying her glamorous style in every way that I can.

9. A Mary Poppins hold-everything bag! I had a big ol' pink one last year, but I think I loved it to death, because it's so grody it's turned more of a dark magenta color and the straps are falling apart. I found this gem at Marshalls in the luggage department. It was love at first sight.

8. Hulu! What better way to spend those cold wintery nights than curled up in bed with a mug [see no.4] of warmth and a classic television series? Currently re-watching season 1 of Arrested Development and starting to work through The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

7. Black Leggings! I know they're not pants, but if you follow my 'butt rule' (thou shalt only wear leggings when the shirt/dress on top is long enough to cover both the panty line (or where a panty line would be) and the camel toe (or where a camel toe would be)) I think they're legit. And oh so very comfy!

6. Covergirl Lashblast mascara! The only mascara I've ever used that both adds volume and magically resists clumping. The pink tubes even come with built in shimmer. What more could a girl even dream of?

5. Burt's Bees! I never wear lipstick or lipgloss, I think it's a result of being a flute player; every time I get dressed up it's to go play my flute. But I can't live without my Burt's. There's a tube on my music stand, two in my purse, a few in the medicine cabinet...

4. Quirky mugs! What better way to stay warm than with a mug of coffee or tea? And what better way to drink that coffee or tea than from something awesome?

3. The Romantic era! Mahler and Wagner and then some Tchaikovsky; corsets and bustles and skirts full of ruffles; Monet's great paintings of waterlilies; these are a few of my favorite things! (you can ALMOST sing along!)

2. My Vera Bradley planner! It's cute so I'll be more likely to use it than any UC paraphernalia that gets thrown at my face.

1. Big ol' sweaters! Just looking at this picture gets me in the mood for apple cider, leaves changing color, and curling up with all of the above!

(photos from Google...and my Facebook)

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  1. Monet was not a painter of the romantic era. He was part of impressionism which is a response to the romantic era and which rejected the dramatic emotion of the romantics. Boom.