Friday, August 6, 2010

Garage Sales, Cars, and Television

Today I went garage sale-hopping with my mother for the first time in...maybe ever! It's a bit more work than thrifting, but if you can handle looking through all the junk it is even cheaper! I got a nice antique wood end table, a cookie sheet, a mixing bowl, a casserole, and a frying pan for $6. Total. It was actually far easier than I had anticipated, too! Craigslist has a pretty good list (updated every day) which we scoured. About half of the sales we visited turned out to be busts, but we only drove about three miles away for the furthest one, and once we got back into our own neighborhood, we found three signs almost without looking for sales that were within Crocus Hill! I think the plan is to check out the scene again tomorrow, as I am still on the lookout for silverware, another frying pan, curtains, a mirror...there is so much to buy and so little money and time!
Upon returning from our trek, we found quite congregation down the block. Further investigation revealed that a television show was being filmed outside a house down the street. Naturally, I had to see for myself. The possibility that Pretty Little Liars or Parks and Rec (which are currently my two favorites...more on that at a later date) could be filming in my own neighborhood was just too enticing. So. I mosey'd on down as nonchalant-ly as I knew how until I thought I might have caught a glimpse of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Yeah, THE cutest bumbly young actor around today, who I've been in love with since I saw 10 Things I Hate About You for the first time (that's right, I would have picked him over Heath Ledger any day!). Two steps further revealed that it was not him. But he was still kind of a looker. So I calmly asked what was 'goin' on'. He informed me that they were filming 'a children's sketch comedy televsion show'. Biggest letdown ever. Not only was it a show that I would never see, but I hadn't even talked to the real Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Fail. I guess the younger generation of neighbor kids got to be extras and enjoyed the day far more than I did. Good for them.
Finally, I have gotten to work at the elusive driver's license. Somehow having to renew my permit yet again (this would be my third), along with the knowledge that my friends' younger siblings (whom I still seem to envision as 13-year-olds) are getting their licenses is just too much for my ego to bear. So I'm going to try to do it. I've got five weeks exactly until I leave for Cincinnati and in the last two days I've driven for three hours already. I think I'm pretty baller at it, if I do say so myself. I've done highway driving, night driving, downtown all I have to practice is parking! (which could be easier said than done) I'm also working my way through the MN drivers' manual, as I think most of the knowledge has escaped my mind in the almost five years since I took drivers' ed...
I love driving. Even in ye ol' minivan. When I crank the tunes, and roll down the's like there's nothing cooler in the world. Now if only I had a Jeep Wrangler...not that I'm an SUV or a truck kind of a girl. There's just always been something about the Jeep that set my heart a-flutter. I blame The Parent Trap and Mary-Kate and Ashley flicks from my youth. In all seriousness, getting a car is at least a year away (I don't even know that I'll get my license this summer!), and if I even were to get a car, it would probably be a used hybrid sedan, buuuut, the last few days I have been absolutely drooling over these...they're like Barbie cars. Except even BETTER!

(photos from Google)

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