Friday, August 13, 2010

The Internet, Happy Birthday Isabella, and Saving the Planet by Shopping!

It has been far too long since my last post again, and the only feeble excuse I have is that I have been too busy looking for inspiration. It's been a tough week for me; I got to see the boyfriend for a few days which was wonderful, but unfortunately that only seemed to make me miss my life in Cincinnati more. Now with the heat and the knowledge that I have four whole weeks until I get to go back (and SO much to do in those four weeks) AND a semi-broken flute, I have been pretty much miserable.
But I've fixed just about everything now. First off, I have to acknowledge the internet's part in making my life better. I have spent the last three days on StumbleUpon, which has led me to a few entertaining (but mostly just time-consuming) new addictions; Hel Looks (a Finnish street-style blog that showcases the fashion of people on the streets and what inspires their unorthodox styles), and the Real Weddings photo albums on (so after a while they all start to look alike, but there are some really beautiful things and some really funny hipster weddings up too. My favorite is the bride with silverware tattoos.). I've also been paying far too much attention to youtube videos people post on Facebook, because I've found myself showing the following to everyone and anyone who will let me: Basil, Antoine Dodson's TV interview, the subsequent song version, and finally what I imagine my childhood must have been like for my parents (the misunderstanding of the world, not the language...and yes, I had that haircut, too).
Today I made a shocking discovery as to why it's been so hard to practice the last week or so...I felt like there was too much resistance to my air stream, and for some reason certain notes were just weirdly out of tune. THEN while playing an Eb-E natural trill I figured it out! DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS, but I noticed that one of the keys wasn't coming all the way up after I pressed it. So I worked some magic with a mini screwdriver and a bottle of key oil, and voila! THEN I realized that I had forgotten my flute's birthday AGAIN this year. Dear Isabella (who, incidentally, was named while Robert Pattinson was still reveling in his Harry Potter fame) is four years old. I think she was pissed I forgot her birthday and wanted to cause a scene to make suffer. But that is all sorted out now.
Finally, I've been thinking about my environmental impact the last few days with the heat, the storms, and people around me talking about the end of the world. I think that humanity is more than capable of destroying the planet, but I also think that there is plenty of time for us to take responsibility for our actions and to reverse some of the damage. So today I am preaching the importance of recycling. STOP THROWING THINGS AWAY! I can guarantee that someone wants that old couch with mystery stains on the cushions, tye-dye your old white tees so no one can see the sweat stains (plus they're super trendy right now!), and no matter how terribly you hate Twilight, donate the books to Goodwill or your local used bookstore! You would be shocked to see what people are willing to buy at the thrift stores I frequent! Conversely, buy from thrift stores! My senior year of high school I did an AP environmental science project about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. It's grotesque. And it's something we can change so easily. On Hel Looks, almost all the people they feature get more than half their wardrobes second hand! And my current style icon, Lucy Laucht gets all her cute stuff from flea markets!
I guess today I was just thinking about places like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, where you can get really cheap clothes that are fashionable for one season, then they get runs or rips or they pill up and you throw them away. This is what's wrong with America. (sorry that was kind of strong) But really, think about really any previous decade; our parents, grandparents...even back to earlier centuries! People had a few really well-made, durable outfits that were classic enough to look good for even a few years! Vintage clothes are so trendy right now in part because they have held up long enough to still be wearable today! Right now I'm wearing a khaki Eddie Bauer dress right now that my mom estimates is from 1987, and it feel virtually indestructible. This is just food for thought, but think about how much landfill space we could save if people weren't throwing away clothes. Just think about it...

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