Monday, August 2, 2010


I find myself so often sitting around feeling sorry for myself because I miss my life at school (in Cincinnati) and I'm home this summer instead of off at some fabulous summer music festival like some of my friends! ...but then I am reminded of all the things I need to get done before I am ready to go back and I feel a bit more motivated...
  • I still have to figure out what credits I get for my AP/IB/CIS classes in high school (nope, still haven't taken care of that). Since performance majors at CCM don't get academic advisors it makes this process all the more tedious. I should have almost all of my academic requirements out of the way once it's all taken care of, though!
  • I need to finish getting all the furniture and decor for the apartment. This includes sanding and painting shelves, getting kitchenware, finding curtains, ordering posters, varnishing a table...wowzers.
  • I need to fix a big bag of clothes. I have sweatshirts with loose seams, a pair of jeans with a broken zipper, skirts that need to be hemmed...some of this I can take care of myself, things like zipper replacements will have to be left to professionals!
  • I need to stop in at the State Fair Employment Office to get my official badge, t-shirt, ticket box...all the good stuff!
  • I need to figure out how we're going to power and heat the apartment, how we're paying for it, and how we're going to get internet. Very necessary.
  • My second permit is going to expire in exactly one month and one day. I should probably think about taking my driver's test soon or I'll be running around with permit number three.
  • When you play a flute for 3+ hours a day it gets a lot of wear and tear. I should probably have that checked out before I leave...
  • Audition requirements for placements at the beginning of the year were posted today. To my chagrin, the excerpts desperately need practicing.
  • Oh yeah, and I need to pack stuff up/figure out how everything is going to fit in our could be a long 13 hour drive if I'm stuffed between a table and a dresser.
Ok maybe life is going to be busier than I anticipated...

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